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Zoom for beginners

Joining a Zoom online rehearsal

You don't actually need to sign up with Zoom to participate in the online rehearsals. Just click or tap on the link you will have received by email and your web browser should open. If you have never used Zoom before on your device, you will be prompted to download and run Zoom. The way you do this will be a little different depending on whether you're using a PC, Mac or a smartphone or tablet, and you will need to follow the instructions provided.

If Zoom is installed, you should see a screen saying "Open Zoom Meeting".Click on the "Open Zoom Meeting" button (to the left of the "Cancel" button).

Several pop up boxes will appear in succession - the last saying, "Please wait. The host will let you in soon". While you are waiting, you may want to check your audio settings.

Checking your Audio Settings (once only)

At the bottom of this screen, it says "Check computer audio". Click this button and it takes you to a settings screen.

Click the "Test speaker" button at the top and you should hear a little tune. If you don't, follow the instructions to fix it.

Next, click the "Test mic" button and follow the instructions. It should record your voice, and then play it back. Generally, it's best to tick (or leave ticked) the box "Automatically adjust volume".

When this all works, close the settings window. You don’t need to repeat this for every meeting.

Participating in the Online Rehearsal

Activate Video: When the host lets you in, you should see a screen with your fellow choir members in it - including yourself. If you can't see yourself, jiggle the mouse to see the controls and click the cine camera button to activate your video.

Mute/Un-mute: Beside the camera button is a microphone button. You can mute or un-mute the microphone by clicking on it. While singing, you will have to be on mute - otherwise everyone will hear whoever sings loudest rather than hearing the conductor!

Speaker View/Gallery View: At the top of your screen you should see (jiggle the mouse if you can't) "Speaker view" or "Gallery view". "Speaker view" lets you see a limited number of people including the speaker. We will try to 'pin' Andrew so he will be visible at all times. "Gallery view" lets you see everyone on the call. If there are too many people to show everyone simultaneously, you may have two or more screens. Click on the "View" to change between Speaker View and Gallery View.

Music: If you are using a physical copy of the music (best option), it is best to sit in front of your laptop/tablet and to have the music in front of you on your lap, so you can look up from your score to see the conductor. It is also possible to use an electronic (PDF) copy of the score, either on a separate device, or in a separate window, but this is more complicated and not recommended.

Don’t forget – please stay on mute unless you have something specific to say – otherwise no one can hear anything!

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