Our Choir


The 2024 season in the Concert Hall opens with a performance of Mozart's Requiem. This is Mozart’s choral masterpiece, written just before he died and hot on the heels of his opera, The Magic Flute, which was an instant success. He pours all his expressive and dramatic skills into this much loved work, which has inspired generations of artists ever since.

This is followed by Begin by Ben Ponniah, a work premiered in June 2023 by Halifax Choral Society. Ben grew up in Ipswich and is now a highly regarded young composer; he recently won the New Music for St Paul’s Cathedral Composition Competition. Begin explores rebirth, new beginnings, and healing after significant loss. It revels in jazzy harmonies and infectious rhythms.

The concert concludes with a performance of Beethoven's Choral Fantasy, the first ever at Snape Maltings. This is in effect a mini piano concerto with a finale for soloists and choir. It sparkles with melody, glorious orchestration and a dazzling solo piano part, the opening section of which was improvised by the composer at the first performance. The music rises to a triumphant and happy conclusion using a melody composed by Beethoven many years earlier and sounding like a precursor to the choral finale of his 9th Symphony composed some 15 years later.

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