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Kloster Scheyern

Kloster Scheyern is a Benedictine monastery in the Bavarian town of Scheyern, north of Munich. Scheyern is the monastery of the Wittelsbach royal family who controlled power in Bavaria from 1180 to 1918. Today Kloster Scheyern, in addition to its monastery and brewery, also has an occupational high school. There is a guesthouse for pilgrims to the monastery, which is where we shall be staying. Pilgrims come here to see the "Scheyern Cross", a piece of the True Cross officially found by Empress Helena in 326 in Jerusalem. The Count of Dachau in the second half of the 12th century allegedly stole the relic, which is how it ended up in Scheyern. It is now displayed in the Abbey's impressive basilica, which was first consecrated in 1215 but has beautiful art-deco ceiling frescoes from the 1920s. The interior has been recently renovated and is now truly beautiful. It is where we shall be singing Vespers for the monks.

Both Andrew and I have seen some of the rooms and all are beautifully clean and well appointed. Most have private facilities. They only lack television and Wi-Fi (W-lan in German). Those rooms without these facilities do have a washbasin and are close to shared shower and toilet facilities, which are also of a high standard.

The monks began brewing beer in 1119 for their own consumption and for some of the people from the town. However, in the middle of the 19 century the brewing operation was moved to Augsburg, but in 2005 the monastery decided to renovate the brewery and it began operating again on the site in May 2006. When you are travelling in the locality you will notice that the landscape is dominated by hop-fields.